Friday, January 31, 2014

Thank you, Joanne Livingston of Desertmountainbear

For the longest time, I have wanted to try making open/close eyes for a bear.  Joanne Livingston of Desertmountainbear has been not only a fantastic artist, but a very generous soul as well, by sharing her observations of real bears and her techniques for making her amazingly realistic creations.  Here is her tutorial that got me inspired.  At first, I couldn't wrap my head around the concept, but after a bit of head-scratching, I was able to basically figure it out.  I have not achieved perfection, but I'm super happy I've gotten started.  At this point, I don't particularly want to make realistic bears, but I want to make fanciful creations that have the look of life.  Learning about how realistic bears are made is helping me form and accomplish my vision.

I'm curious, what type of bears do you prefer to collect - more realistic ones, or more toy-like ones? Post a comment and lets find out what kinds are the favorites. If you are reading this from within my website, you'll need to go to my actual blog to make your post.