About Laure

In 1993, a goal of improving my art skills meant that I needed to choose a clear direction. As a starting place, I began making simple cloth dolls. They held my interest for a time, but when I constructed that first jointed bear from a purchased pattern, everything changed.  The furry little creature I held in my hands captivated my heart. It seemed to be peering back at me with an unspoken challenge to try creating my own bear designs.  In a heartbeat, the challenge was met, and Fool’s Gold Bears began.

Combining classic mohair fabric and other top quality materials with skills acquired over a lifetime,  I put my heart and soul into producing one-of-a-kind (OOAK) heirloom companions, meant to be treasured for generations.  After all these years, I'm still in love with the process of creating these small creatures, and each one still captivates my heart.

One constant factor about my designs has always been their diversity.  Over the years, Fool's Gold Bears have embraced a wide variety of styles.  As an individual, I thrive on diversity, and my design styles reflect my eclectic, ever-developing interests. 
Lately, my designing thoughts turn toward bears and other creatures that are more than toys.  I dream of little souls that seem as if they might turn and speak to you at any moment.  In my imagination, they are old toys that have been loved to life. 
The Creator Himself has graciously placed within me a small spark of His own creative nature and for this gift, I’m more grateful than I can ever say.  I hope that spark of creativity brings a feeling of life to my work.

It is my heart’s desire that every Fool‘s Gold Bears creation would be infused with the genuine treasures of Love, Innocence, Friendship and Joy .  These qualities motivate me, and I believe they help to make Fool’s Gold Bears “real“.

Fool’s Gold Bears have found homes in many places across the globe.  I’ve been honored with a few industry awards, and my creations have been featured in various collector publications in print and online in the US, UK and Japan.

“Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”  Matt. 6:21

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