Saturday, September 15, 2012

A New Girl on the Blog

Today being Saturday, it seemed like a good day to make an excursion to the apple farm where we can find rare and delicious apples that never appear in our markets.  So I laid aside my bear pursuits while Vic and I piled in the car and took a relaxing drive out the winding country road through the woods to Gopher Glen Apple Farm.  It's always a treat to take in the nostalgic sights and smells there - reminiscent of a country farmhouse kitchen.  We sampled several unique varieties and each picked our favorite - trundling home with 20 lbs. of fresh apples!  Luckily, they keep well in the fridge, though we did have to scrunch to get them in there.  Ultimately, for the sake of making room, we made the tough decision to sacrifice the partially eaten strawberry pie to our bellies - slurp!

So now the time has come to debut the little bear I was teasing you with in the last post.  She measures in at 11 inches tall - a sassy, prissy li'l Southern girl who has a thang for Shabby Chic couture.  Here she is:

Sissy Sadie Shi-Shi La-La

She is the first with a new eye style I was trying out.  I'm very pleased with the new eye look and will continue using this method in some of my future creations.  I hope you will take a look at her complete description and see more pictures on BearPile

Next on my list of creative endeavors will be some simpler, naive-style bears.  I don't have them designed yet, but I have ideas floating around in my head.  In these next creations, I will attempt to create interesting, engaging presentations that are perhaps more toy-like in appearance but with lots of funky charm.  If this works out according to my plan, I will be able to offer them at a more budget-minded range.  Stay tuned.  If you want to make sure to catch the next Fool's Gold Bears blog when it is fresh, you can sign up to follow by email.


  1. Oh Laure....I not only love your name for this little girl, but also the fact that she is sooooo beautiful! I am going to take a closer look at her on BearPile!! Your art is beautiful and it is so evident in the care and time that you take in creating these gems!!
    Bear Hugs to you,

  2. Thank you, Cynthia - You are so kind! You're right about the bears taking a lot of time to create. It is a joy and often a surprise to see the little guys that appear beneath my hands. It feels like they already exist in Heaven and I'm just "helping" to bring them to Earth. It's fun!

  3. This bear is so wonderful. The picture doesn't do her justice.

  4. So I take it that you have seen her in person? You must be a member of CCADC. Thank you so very much. I'm feeling very encouraged - so much so that bears are in my thoughts or under my hands just about 24/7. I'm absolutely loving it!


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